What is ICast?

ICast is for Independent Projects, Short Films and Student Films that have little or no budget. These briefs are often on a volunteer basis or can include a profit share/catering/travel fee for the artists involved. ICast Briefs go to all members of AT2 who match the age-range, gender and location for roles being cast within the brief. 

Why did I receive an ICast Brief?

You have received an ICast Brief as you have matched the age-range, gender and location for a role being cast within the brief. If the role requires further specifics such as a certain hair colour, ethnicity or clothes size that is not relevant to you, we ask that you simply do not respond.

How do I respond to an ICast Brief?

Once you receive an email notification from AT2 letting you know that you have received an ICast Brief, you need to either click the button within the email or go directly to www.AT2.com.au and login to your AT2 Account. Once logged in, you’ll need to go to your AT2 Inbox where you’ll find the brief and all the details you need. To respond and submit your interest, simply tick on one of the relevant role boxes and click the Submit button. You can submit to more than one role if there are multiple roles applicable to you. If you are not interested in submitting your interest, we ask that you simply do not respond.

What happens after I have responded to an ICast Brief?

Once you have submitted your interest by applying for a role within an ICast Brief, an email notification is sent to the ICast member who will login to their AT2 Account to review your submission, look at your AT2 Profile and decide if they would like to see you for an Audition. If they would like to see you for an Audition, they will contact you directly via email or phone or contact your Agent to organise a time & place. If you do not hear back from the ICast member, please assume you were unsuccessful in gaining an Audition. We encourage our ICast members to contact all those artists that have submitted to their brief, whether they have been successful or not, but sometimes time restrictions simply do not allow this.

What if I don't want to receive ICast Briefs?

Simply let us know and we can adjust your profile settings accordingly.

If you have any queries regarding the brief details, location or auditions, please contact the ICast member casting for the brief. You’ll find their contact email or phone number located within the brief in your AT2 Inbox.